How to Pass Your Board Exam

The Day before the Exam

Get a good night’s rest - I remember blowing a sure 90 in an exam because I mistook m/sec with ft/sec in the test questions. What I ended up with was a failing score on the exam, a sure chance of failing the class and a valuable lesson of never taking an exam while I was tired.

Here in lies the importance of making a schedule and sticking to it. If you don’t stick to it you’ll end up cramming, and when you cram you end up worrying that you haven’t studied enough. When you enter that exam room you should be worrying about what the questions will be and not that plus the thought that “I haven’t studied enough”.

During the Exam

Come on time, Come prepared - Come on time is self explanatory, come prepared means you bring two pencils instead of one, your calculator has fresh batteries in them, you didn’t forget to bring your exam documents and ID’s, etc etc etc.

Pay Attention - when the facilitator is talking so that you don’t fail the exam on a technicality for not following the rules.

Follow the instructions on the questionnaire and the test rules Don’t be a hardcase, when the exam rules state that your calculator shouldn’t be a scientific one, don’t bring a scientific. When they say 10 minute break, don’t come back 5 minutes late. When they say shade properly and use mongol #2 pencil, then do it. When the questions says that there are two answers from 4 choices be sure to shade 2 answers and not just one, etc etc etc.

Write Legibly - its sad when you learn that you failed the exam because your answers weren’t easily understood by the machine reader or the examiner who will grade your exam. Worse still if they didn’t understand the spelling of your name or your address.

Learn to Move on to the Next Question - board exams are usually time limited and the exam questions aren’t arranged on increasing difficulty. If you are stuck on a question that you can’t answer right away, move on to the next question and just come back for that one when you have time. Most exams carry just one point for each correct answer, so if you answer more easy questions than difficult ones, that could spell the difference to getting a passing grade.

Make an “Educated” Guess - for multiple choice questions that you don’t know the answer for, try to make an educated guess by eliminating the possible answers that don’t fit the question. For example if you meet a question that has A,B,C,D for choices but you know that it isn’t answerable by choice A and C then you only have to take a guess between B and D. Which gives you a 50% chance of getting the right answer. Way better than a 25% chance right?

Remember to take a break - when the proctor gives you time to go to the bathroom, take it even if you do not have a full bladder. This way you won’t be needing to go to the bathroom when you aren’t allowed to. If time is permitting, take time out to rest from the exam when you feel tired or your body feels strained from being hunched over for such a long time. A few seconds of rest could help recharge you to continue the exam.

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