How to Pass Your Board Exam

Tips for Passing Your Board ExamBoard Exams are no trifle matter, because of the amount of time invested in preparing for it, hitting the passing grade on the first shot is a must. Here are some helpful tips based from my own personal experience of taking a board exam.

You are probably thinking that this is a business blog, why the heck should I be reading something about tips on passing the board exam? Well I always advocate that going abroad to get capital is the best way to start a business, rather than saddle yourself with debt from the onset.

If you are considering a professional job overseas, a good “professional title” issued by a country’s regulating body is a nice thing to have on your resume to make it attractive to employers.

I would recommend taking time off to study for your board exam. Board Exams are not like ordinary exams, they are longer and cover almost all the topics you’ve learned during your undergraduate life.

Should I attend a Review School?

I’d recommend you do. And if you do, pick a good one. One that has a lot of passing students. Because that is an indicator that they know what they are doing. I have to admit also that I learned as much during my review as I did in college, especially on the application side, effectively doubling what I knew about my profession.

The good Review schools know the in’s-and-out’s of the exam so they will teach what you need to know to pass (particularly what subject matters to concentrate on). If there are no review schools available for that exam then try getting some official review materials from the government body or institution that sponsored the test. They usually sell those also.

While Preparing for the Exam:

Make a schedule - Use the outline of the items that will be included in the exam as a basis for your schedule. The outline in review materials are also useful when creating a schedule of your study because the items are already broken down for you. Make a schedule of what you have to cover daily and be sure to add a little allowance. Factor in breaks, weekends and holidays. Most importantly, follow the schedule that you have made. When you finish early, pull in to the next lessons. If you are late, try to make up for it by giving up some weekends.

Prepare your study area - What works for you? Can you study better with music? are you easily distracted with noise? Take this in to consideration when preparing an area that is conducive for you to study. I remember actually shifting my sleeping hours to the day because I couldn’t study with all the noise going on. My study time started at 10 PM, when all the good shows on tv were finished, and ended at 6AM in the morning.

Prepare your Review Materials and Books - I had a box in my room where after each semester I would arrange all my notes, books and test examinations in there. Basically everything I ever learned in college related to my profession that I had written down I placed in there. When the time came to study for my board everything was already there and it helped me to organize easily my stuff during the review.

Identify your mentors - make a list of smart people you can ask questions from when you get stumped. If there is something you don’t understand, never hesitate to ask them. And try to never allow yourself to not understand fully a particular subject covered in the exam.

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