The Secret to Selling Easily

The Secret to Selling EasilyThe best advice I ever got on selling was this:

Have an awesome enough product that it will sell itself.

I read an article once that the least trusted person in America was the used car salesman. Its so easy to see why, you have an old product that you are selling for at a cheap price. Its age translates to unreliability while the cheap price equates to a low profit margin.

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Prayer for Finding a Job

St. Cayetano: Patron Saint of Job Seekers and the UnemployedHaving a hard time looking for a job? Try asking intercession to God from St. Cayetano (Cajetan) because he is known as the patron saint of job seekers and the unemployed.

St. Cayetano was of noble lineage and was born on October, 1480 at Vicenza. His parents were Gaspar, Count of Thiene, and Maria Porto. Maria Porto was known to be very pious and was responsible for his studios upbringing. St. Cayetano eventually became a diplomat at Rome in 1506 and was largely attributed to the reconciliation of the Republic of Venice with Rome. By 1516 he had advanced already to the priesthood.

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What is more valuable than Money in Business?

What is more valuable than Money in Business?I had an acquaintance who almost became my business partner. Fate would have it that our business venture would not push through because of a prior deal that showcased his true nature to me.

It all started when he sold an item to me. I knew that money was a bit tight for him at that time so even though I thought it was a bad deal, I decided to part with my own finances in the guise of helping him out.


How Natural Rubber Farming Works

Rubber is one of the main raw materials of the modern world, I don’t think you would be able to go anywhere or do anything without being influenced by a rubber product. When you wake up from your bed to start your day, you put on your rubber slippers, go to work in your rubber soled shoes, hop in a vehicle with rubber tires, text with your rubber sealed cellphone etc.

Yep rubber is everywhere. So where does rubber start? Rubber initially came from the sap of the rubber tree. The bark of the rubber tree is scarred so that the latex will flow and that is harvested into containers. Modern science however has made it possible to create synthetic rubber from oil products. But the purpose of this article will concentrate mainly on natural rubber production.

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What Makes a Good Salesperson?

mark_cuban:What Makes a Good Salesperson?According to Mark Cuban, a good salesperson isn’t somebody who can talk someone into anything. Its not the smooth talking hustler nor the top student in the company’s sales training class.

According to Cuban, anybody can learn to be a great salesperson. All they have to do is put in the effort and care about your company, your prospects and customers. Its also the most important job in every company because there has yet to be a successful company that has survived with zero sales. No amount of sales training can make you a better salesperson till you take this to heard.

A Good Sales Person Is:

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